Disney First Look Animals – Quyển 2 – các loài chim chóc

Hôm trước mình có giới thiệu về bộ sách "Disney My Very First Look – Animals" rồi, hôm nay không nhắc lại nội dung nữa, mà post tiếp quyển 2 nhé.


Quyển 2 nói về các loài chim chóc và cầm thú. Trong quyển này, các bé sẽ được tìm hiểu về các loại cầm thú như chim, vịt, gà, đà điểu …
Bé sẽ bắt gặp ánh mắt rất "ngầu" của chú cú vọ hoặc đôi chân dài ngoằng của chú đà điểu. Các bé cũng sẽ thấy chú chim gõ kiến chăm chỉ làm việc thế nào.
Nhìn hình xem có giống như thật không nhé


  1. An mazing owl.It's got so penetrating sight.In Poland in our Polish tales owls are always very clever and all animals want their advices.And this ostrich is a very good runner.I can give the photos of other owl.The snow owl.


  2. Wow ! How cute the snow owl is ! I've never known about this snow owl. Is it popular there ? What you said recalls me the Hedwig – the owl of Harry Potter 🙂 Hedwig has really changed somewhat my impression on the owl. You know why ? In European tales, owls are really wisdom animals. In the contrary, the Vietnamese traditional thinking supposes that owl brings bad fortune. It's said that there would be family member passing way if somebody would see the owl in front of their house 😦


  3. In the northern countries Of Europe there are snow owls, and you are right like at Harry Potters adventure,because it is in England,It is the Northern country too. In our culture and tales and legends owls are always wise probably for their peace in different situations but we have got another owl called PUSZCZYK and people tell that when it is heard its voice it means that someone died.I don't know if it is true,I have heard its voice many times next my house but I haven't known if anyone died.This kind of owls is very popular in my country b ut the snow owls are rare.But I know that all of owls protect places against mice and rets and harvest too. This is Puszczyk. These circles around eyes are called flaras. It has got penatriting sight too like your owl.


  4. So … We find same thinking about owl :yes: In these topics, I share a series of Disney books about the animals. These books are very nice for kids to discover about animals. If you like, download them. If you have any good book for kids, I would appreciate if you can share them to us. Thanks in advance 🙂 :heart:


  5. OK I will try to find them for you.And I think that kids will be happy too read them.But now different birds.


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