Oh my sweet Opera friends,
I meet you as a stranger.
And now I have you as a friend.

It's amazing when strangers become friends, but its sad when friends become strangers..
I never want to lose You as a friend!

I met You as a stranger.
Now I have You as a friend.

I may not be the most important person in your life
I just hope that when you hear my name
You smile & say
That's My Friend…


2 thoughts on “That’s my friend !

  1. Socconhonganh says:

    FRIENDSF for Forever – is how long the friendship will last.R for Roads – we have traveled and many more to come.I for Incredible – moments we spend together.E for Every time – you need me I will be there.N for Nice – things we do together.D for Dream – that we share.S for Smiles – that brighten up our day.HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY! :love: :love:

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