Sandwich coated by egg-milk mix

Well, I have been staying for 2 months obeying the Covid-19 stay-at-home Order and, by the way, having a break after several years of working. I was able to complete a couple of items in my wish-list such as blogging, flower planting, gardening and trying some new recipes for my girls. Let me share some new “tasty, healthy, hurry” dishes that I have made recently. The first one is sandwich coated by egg-milk mix

Egg-milk mix preparation

We need 4-6 slices of sandwich, 4-6 eggs, some milk, green onion, pepper, sugar, salt or fish sauce (well, fish sauce sounds weird herein but we love to cook with fish sauce than salt), butter, shred cheese (if wished).

Crack the eggs into a wide dish that fits a piece of sandwich, then add milk, sugar, pepper, onion, salt/fish sauces into the eggs. Mix them well.


Egg frying

Heating the pan and melting a small piece of butter. While waiting for the pan to be hot, dip 2 sides of the sandwich piece into the egg mix, then put it on to the pan. Frying it with small to medium fire. If you want more eggs, pour some more onto the piece of sandwich while frying.

When the piece of sandwich turns to brown and looks creepy, it is good to go! Put it on the dish, add some shred cheese on it to increase the fatty taste, and it is ready for the breakfast! Eating with Tomato Ketchup will enhance your taste


This sandwich contains wheat, egg, milk and butter/cheese and quite nutritious for the kids. It takes less than 15 minutes for preparation. Easy to do! So it 100% meets the “tasty, healthy, hurry” rule 🙂

Let’s try it.

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