Summer is coming. It is already 36 celsius degree in April. Temperature climbs up to >45 celsius degree by June-July. The heat even dries our body and let alone the plants! I need to pick and enjoy the tomatoes before the plant dies!

Cherry tomato is tasty and sweet. Did you know that you can have cherry tomato mixed with syrup? It is an excellent drink for the summer!


It is very simple to prepare this mix. All you need is cherry tomatoes, syrup and honey. Cut tomatoes into 2-3 pieces so that its juice can come out. You can use any type of syrup. I usually use lychee or cactus syrup. Well, have you ever heard about cactus honey and syrup? Yes, we have them. They are specialty of my desert Arizona.

Mix the syrup

Pour the syrup and honey to the tomato bowl with the amount you wish, depending on how sweet you like. Cover the mixture and leave them in the fridge for half day for the tomatoes to absorb the syrup and honey. If you prefer to keep the sour taste of tomatoes, no need to leave it long in the fridge.

That’s it. Enjoy the mix with ice cube. The taste of tomatoes mixed with the taste of syrup and honey is so delicious! This vitamin containing mix is a perfect hydrant drink for summer. It is also a good way to let your kids try tomatoes as the sweet syrup will reduce or remove the taste of tomato.

Let’s try it!

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