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Cherry tomato syrup

Summer is coming. It is already 36 celsius degree in April. Temperature climbs up to >45 celsius degree by June-July. The heat even dries our body and let alone the...

Sandwich coated by egg-milk mix

Well, I have been staying for 2 months obeying the Covid-19 stay-at-home Order and, by the way, having a break after several years of working. I was able to complete...

How kids can mix watercolor on the drawing

Hello friends! Are you looking for a way for your kids to mix watercolors without spreading colorful dots on their favorite dress and your expensive carpet? The below short clip...

Vietnamese custom in Lunar New Year – “Tết Nguyên Đán”

This entry is for my dearest friends Elisa, Melinda, May, Luz, Noramaj and others. I hope it can give you a general look and information about Tết in our beloved...


Vietnamese traditional ritual on 1st birthday of baby

I post this for my best and dearest friend, Elisa Pozza. Despite this practice is a particular ritual in Vietnam and seems strange to a such European like Elisa, she...



This is my concern to my first daughter. This topic can be helpful to drive my “campaign” of improving the communication skill for my 1st daughter. My husband and me...

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